Event Review | The Barberettes: Ba Ba Ba, Ba Ba B-rilliant! (MusiCube)

By Adam Riley 14.09.2015

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The K-Music 2015 festival kicked off with the melodic duo of [su:m] at the Purcell Room in London's Southbank Centre, starting off a September of Korean madness, organised by the Korean Cultural Centre UK and Serious. A few days later, it was over to The Forge, in the renowned Camden Town area, for a totally different style of music from South Korea. Whereas [su:m] brought along traditional instruments, on both 4th and 5th September, The Barberettes delivered a retro chic style that appealed not only to an older audience familiar with the classic cover songs performed, but also the younger generation that adored their gorgeous outfits, make-up and hair styles, as well as infectious self-composed tracks.

Having released The Barberettes, Vol.1 last summer and being nominated for several awards in their home country so far, it has been a meteoric rise to fame and fortune for the trio of talented beauties - So Hee Park, Eun Hye Kim, and the powerful leader of the group, Shinae An Wheeler - especially outside of their home country, thanks in part to a smart selection of revamped tracks from the days of yore.

Image for Event Review | The Barberettes: Ba Ba Ba, Ba Ba B-rilliant! (MusiCube)
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What they proved during the two nights in London was that they are no mere covers band, instead charming the onlookers with their natural chemistry on stage, the comedic elements that were mixed in, plenty of direct interaction with fans, their cute dancing style, and - most importantly - the vast array of high quality songs that kept spirits high.

There were fan favourites from their repertoire of remakes and covers (Be My Baby, Mr. Sandman, Barbara Ann, I Want You Back), a fantastic selection of new music that slotted perfectly in to the point of not knowing what was and was not an old track (Fairytale, Kukerichoo), plus some fusion pieces (like the gorgeous Arirang that took old lyrics from a traditional song and blended them with a retro themed tune). Quirky choreography, delightful playfulness, and more, it was the perfect showcase from the perfect all-round girl group, and to top it all off, their vocals blew everyone's socks off. They are not a simple throwaway gimmick - these are seasoned professionals with a lot to give the world, and, thankfully, the world has noticed them and is now waiting with open arms to embrace the triumphant trio.

Image for Event Review | The Barberettes: Ba Ba Ba, Ba Ba B-rilliant! (MusiCube)
Photograph Source: K-Pop Korner ©

With gorgeous harmonisation when all three came together at one microphone, individual voice characteristics shining through in the general songs, and powerful solo singing that showed how immensely talented each and every member is, not a step was put out of place. Yes, even when the tambourine magically fell onto the floor when nobody was stood near it, nothing put them off or dampened their gorgeous smiles... Oh, and special mention has to go to The Barberette's unofficial mascot, the chicken that made itself heard at one point! Will it return? Given the hilarity that ensued and positive response from fans, it has to be a definite yes. The K-Pop Korner team also hopes that there is a "The Barberettes: Webisodes" series, since it would be undoubtedly laugh-out-loud funny and could go viral.

The Barberettes were indeed Ba Ba Ba, Ba Ba B-rilliant! Amazing performers with stunning voices, stacks of charisma, and so much energy that the entire audience could not stay still, needing to jiggle around and even get up and dance at various stages over the two-night showcase. The group has a very bright future ahead, and this was a superb addition to the K-Music 2015 festival taking place during September in London. There are plenty of videos that can be viewed over on the K-Pop Korner page. KCCUK and Serious have a fantastic line-up of acts still on the roster for the rest of the month, with No Brain recently rocking London's Scala, and Jambinai next up, on Wednesday 16th September. With such differing styles of music, be sure to read up on what is still to come in MusiCube's overview article and see what tickles the taste buds. Check out The Barberettes on Facebook, and stick around here for updates on Jambinai later this week.

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