Monster Hunter X Has Playable Felynes

By Jorge Ba-oh 18.09.2015 1

Monster Hunter X Has Playable Felynes on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

One of the biggest changes in Monster Hunter X will be playable felynes.

The adorable critters; a staple of the Monster Hunter franchise, have already gotten their own slice of the spotlight in Monster Hunter Diary, but will have an even bigger role in the new 3DS outing, Monster Hunter X.

At this year's Tokyo Game Show (TGS), Capcom unveiled playable felyne warriors - with hunters able to directly control the furry critters for the first time. 


Also this week, Capcom posted a lengthy playthrough with the game, spanning over 26 minutes of beast slaying action.

Do playable felynes work or should they remain support characters?

User Poll: Do Playable Felynes Work?

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Leave them at the campsite
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The more options the better. Not a feature I will likely use though, but I know some people who might love it.

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