Tezuka: Link Should be Played by a Female Actor

By Jorge Ba-oh 25.09.2015 5

Tezuka: Link Should be Played by a Female Actor on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

In an interview with Mario producer Takashi Tezuka, he suggested Link should be played by a female actress.

Video game to film conversions has always been a tricky affair, with Hollywood attempting to replicate these universes but falling short when it comes to producing something credible. One of the untouched efforts to make it to the big screen is Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series, one that often comes up in fan lists of franchises that deserve movie treatment.

If The Legend of Zelda does make it, Tezuka feels that "it would be very fun and awesome if Link was played by a female actress, a boyish female actress."


Do you agree with Takashi Tezuka's comments? Who do you believe should play Link in a live-action adaptation?

User Poll: Should Link be Played by a Female Actress in a Zelda Adaptation?

Depends on the actress
No to a live action Zelda film

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Yes! All my yes! I think that would actually be the best way to go at it to be honest to get a good Link look-a-like.

The difference between illusion and reality is vague to the one who suffers from the former and questionable for the one suffering form the later.

I'd rather see an animated Zelda film voiced by a female.

Ehh, not really a fan of live-action but if one happens then a female actress might make sense if they don't find a guy that looks feminine enough. I'd prefer an anime adaption myself, just look how awesome Link looked when he fought Pit in Palutena's introduction scene! The various Zelda manga adaptions also showed that this style fits the franchise very well.

( Edited 25.09.2015 10:18 by SirLink )

We all know how movie adaptations of video games usually turn out, which is why I think Nintendo should probably steer clear from going down that route. However, a CGI or anime style movie based on one of their franchises could work well, if they work on it themselves.

Live action would just be cringeworthy.

Totally agree with everyone - anime/3D CGI would be best

just look how awesome Link looked when he fought Pit in Palutena's introduction scene!


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