Talking Pictures Movie Podcast: Episode 18 (Lights, Camera, Action!)

By Freda Cooper 26.09.2015

Image for Talking Pictures Movie Podcast: Episode 18 (Lights, Camera, Action!)
There's not a blockbuster in sight on this week's Talking Pictures, the audio version of Lights, Camera, Action! Film critic, Freda Cooper, takes a look at Life, the latest movie about cinema icon, James Dean, while Anton Corbijn steps out from behind the camera to take up the Director's chair for The Big Interview. Other new releases are Michael Shannon as the estate agent from hell in 21st Century morality tale, 99 Homes, Craig Roberts' debut as a Director of the black comedy Just Jim, the emotional drama from Italy, Mia Madre, and would-be romcom, Lessons in Love.

The new DVDs keep it small, as well, with Samuel L. Jackson as a US President under fire in Big Game, and gritty British coming of age story, The Goob. Plus there's the new Top Five at the British Box Office, and the latest movie news, all packed into just a smidge over 20 minutes. Listen on iTunes, TuneIn and right here on Cubed3:

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