Star Wars: Battlefront Open Beta Date Announced

By Jamie Mercer 28.09.2015 2

Star Wars: Battlefront Open Beta Date Announced on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Mark October 8th through 12th in your calendar, book time off work, and prepare yourself. The Star Wars: Battlefront open beta is incoming.

In just over a week, PS4, XboxOne, and PC gamers will be able to take part in DICE's latest project where Battlefield meets the Star Wars franchise.

The open beta will include three game modes set across three different levels.

  • Survival on Tattoine: Solo, co-op or split-screen your way through hordes of Imperial forces including AT-STs and Tie Fighters.
  • Walker Assault on Hoth: Fight in huge 40-player battles where the rebels go toe-to-toe with the Empire and AT-ATs.
  • Drop Zone on Sollust: Close quarters 16 player King of the Hill gameplay where players fight for control over falling escape pods.
Star Wars: Battlefront won't come with single-player campaign so this is a great opportunity for those uncertain whether the game is for them to make up their minds.

Come October 8th, you can find the download under the Demos & Betas section of the Origin Store. The full game is due out on November 17th.

Do you think DICE can pull off mixing Battlefield and Star Wars?

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I just wish companies would stop shirking single player experiences.

Do I think they'll do it? No.

I think they'll make Battlefield with Star Wars skins. We will probably be lucky if this is as 'Star Wars' as the Christmas special.

EA. On the one in a million chance one of your employee's reads this... There are a multitude of reasons I've sworn off your games; but one of them is that you seem to be inclined to release the SAME games over and over again. Namely Battlefield, Mass Effect, Mass Effect the not-WoW MMO, and Mass Effect with a fantasy skin on it. You'd released the same game! You have tons of IP's and the like yet you constantly pander to the lowest common denominator you can without titling your game 'pandering and guns/magic'. Just... try for once. Take Dungeon Keeper and see if you can make an actually GOOD game from it instead of a pandering. You have the Battlefront IP... Why make it another Battlefield clone? You shouldn't sit down and go 'we'll make the Stormtrooper guns accurate to make it like battlefield'. You should go 'we'll make the Stormtrooper guns inaccurate to make it more Star Wars!' 

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