Event Preview | The Warehouse Project 2015: A New Season Kicks Off (MusiCube)

By Adam Riley 12.10.2015

"It's the most wonderful time of the year!" some might hear on the radio in the coming months, but for fans of the dance scene, Christmas is the last thing on their mind: The Warehouse Project is back! Okay, perhaps MusiCube is a little slow off the mark here, since 25th September was the first event, but last month was rather busy for the team with the K-Music 2015 festival shows.

What has been missed so far? Well, Groove Armada kicked it all off as part of the MK Area 10 special, with a tasty live set from Benoit & Sergio the following night as part of the Opening Weekend showcase. Duke Dumont returned on 2nd October, back by popular demand, and things have just ramped up from weekend to weekend. Jamie XX is on the cards this coming Friday (16th) and on the Saturday it is "WHP Presents…Underground Sound Suicide."

Image for Event Preview | The Warehouse Project 2015: A New Season Kicks Off (MusiCube)

When will the MusiCube team be jumping into the action, though? Very good question! Resident dance-a-thon champions, Adam Riley and Marcus Myers, will be donning their jiving boots on 23rd October for the Heldeep night of shenanigans, led by Oliver Heldens, who has already hit the big time with two Top 5 singles in the last six months alone. This will be something that EDM fans should not miss out on, with his self-penned 'Heldeep' live showcase bringing Blonde, The Magician, Philip George, the epic Robin Schulz and many others, along for the ride.

Running from 9:00pm until 4:00am, Heldeep is the ideal way to dive back into The Warehouse Project. Full event details can be found here, details of the Afterlife for those that want to keep on trucking are right here, and the official website for The Warehouse Project is…yes, guessed it correctly…at this very link.

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