It's Over 9000! A New Trailer for Dragon Ball Z on Nintendo 3DS

By Jorge Ba-oh 15.10.2015


Scouters, muscles and glowing yellow hair at the ready, it's a new trailer for Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden.

With legions of Dragon Ball Z enthusiasts around the globe, the latest in the long-running series of fighting game aims to satisfy the most hardcore of the lot, with a wide range of playable and support characters to choose from.

Play as Ressurection F warriors, series veterans and more obscure fighters in the new game, as they battle it out in an epic clash of good versus evil. Those wo pre-order the game will receive a copy of the rather rare 1993 SNES game, Dragon Ball Z: Super Butōden 2.


Will you pre-order a copy of Extreme Butoden?

Box art for Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden

Arc System Works


Bandai Namco





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