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By Adam Riley 20.10.2015 2

How long has Sankeys been going in Manchester? For as long as can be remembered, which is a long time given how old this particular writer is… After numerous revamps over the years, followed by a successful venture into the Ibiza scene in 2011, now Sankeys Warehouse has launched in the Salford Quays area of Manchester, within the large expanse of the Victoria Warehouse where The Warehouse Project resided a few years back. With WHP in full flow at the moment - back at Store Street, under Piccadilly Station - is there room for another DJ-filled party event? The MusiCube team was there to find out...
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With the likes of Arman van Helden and Basement Jaxx headlining, as well as others such as Sam Devine, Max Chapman, Robert Dietz, Clive Henry and vocal treats from the excellent Crystal Waters, it proved to be a very enticing prospect and kept the throngs of attendees dancing until the wee hours of the morning.

The plan is to really take The Warehouse Project head-on, with a five-year residency in place, which will please WHP veterans who always preferred the more intimate setting of Store Street and want it to remain there, but despite the similarities in theme, there was something a bit different about Sankeys Warehouse that helped make the Victoria Warehouse setting not quite as unfriendly as it previously had been. Perhaps the adjusted layout helped - now with four rooms, instead of WHP's previous three - and a 'chill out' area for people to sit and watch movies (Napoleon Dynamite was on early in the night, for instance!), plus a special VIP area for those paying extra. Maybe it was the stricter limits on the overall headcount (no longer struggling to move in the main room for the headliner, unlike in the past where there were safety concerns). Whatever the case, it was a night filled with merriment and plenty of crazy dancing - in others words, just what it should be like!

The only downside was the token system put in place for drinks, which caused havoc around the one and only token stall, as well as some confusion at the bar areas because of 'half' tokens being employed for certain drink 'prices,' meaning in essence that two needed to be bought at the same time as the hard plastic certainly was not up for being split in two, almost forcing more to be purchased. Hopefully a normal 'pay at the bar' approach will be brought in for future events, or else it will prove to be a continued source of unnecessary frustration in an otherwise highly enjoyable night.

The range of DJs on show, the great atmosphere, and the general Sankeys vibe ensured this was a night to remember. If the frustrating drinks tokens idea can be ditched, then everything will be perfect.

Keep an eye on the official Sankeys Warehouse website for details of upcoming events.

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Isn't the drink tokens thing a loophole to get round alcohol licensing laws?

I remember going to quite a few organised 'secret location' parties where you basically bought a load of raffle tickets upon entry, each of which 'won' a beer.

Oh! I didn't even think of that! Well, it was really annoying and spoiled things slightly, which is a shame as it was a pretty cool night otherwise.

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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