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By Drew Hurley 25.10.2015

With the latest iteration of Disney Infinity having a strong focus on Star Wars, the previous centre-point, the Marvel Superheroes, became something of an afterthought. There were no new characters released at the launch of Disney Infinity 3.0 and only two new characters announced as part of a new play-set, entitled Battlegrounds, but nothing else was released. Now at the New York Comic Con panel, the development team finally shed light on the future of Marvel in Disney Infinity, and Cubed3 was on-hand to get the details, which will be laid bare in this latest INSiGHT, following on from the earlier in-depth look at LEGO Marvel's Avengers.
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The focus of Marvel Battlegrounds is a four-player Battle Royale, like a cross between Power Stone and Super Smash Bros., but unlike these games there will be a real focus on the story of the game, too. The tale finds the two Marvel Cinematic Universe villains Loki and Ultron teaming up and creating android versions of the heroes to keep the Avengers busy while they search for an Infinity Stone.

The panel started with a new trailer, which has now also been released online and can be seen below:

Although, originally, the only Marvel characters to be announced for Infinity 3.0 were the Hulkbuster and Ultron, there are actually more on the way. The team couldn't announce them all at the NYCC event but did say they would be announced in the run-up to the release of Battlegrounds. One new character they could reveal, however, was a brand new Captain America.

This new Cap, entitled "Captain America - The First Avenger" is a completely new character compared to the already released Disney Infinity one. This is based on the MCU version of the character and comes with all new moves, animations, and abilities. The developers mentioned how next year is also Captain America's 75th anniversary, so it is indeed fitting.

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Along with Cap, Black Suit Spider-Man was announced as finally getting a solo release, although officially a 2.0 character. All of the current 2.0 characters will be updated for 3.0, to be able to stand on equal footing with the new characters, with updated abilities and skills. The characters will be fighting across not just Earth, but numerous other worlds and realms. Wakanda, Brooklyn, Knowhere, and the S.H.I.E.L.D lunar base were all shown off.

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Local co-operative play will also be fully supported. There was some concern that the Disney Infinity base only has slots for two characters so that two bases would be required for four players, but thankfully this isn't the case. The development team confirmed a single base is all that's required, and characters don't need to be kept on the base, instead just needing to be placed on to assign a character to a player and then they can be removed.

How do you all feel about this new style of play for Disney Infinity? Be sure to share all thoughts in the comments below…

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