DVD Movie Review | The Tribe (Lights, Camera, Action!)

By Sam Edwards 26.10.2015

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The Tribe (UK Rating: 18)

Uniqueness doesn't even begin to describe what director and writer Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy has set forth with The Tribe. "What is so unique about this film?" the audience may ask before viewing. What sets this film apart from others is that there is virtually no dialogue, no voiceovers, and no subtitles - only sign language is used throughout the entire motion picture because the entire cast is comprised of deaf individuals. Out now on home video from Metrodome, The Tribe is certainly a feature many film buffs will not want to miss.
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Serhiy (played by Grygoriy Fesenko) is the new student in a specialised boarding school for the deaf (and possibly people with other disabilities). In order to fit in at the school, Serhiy must commit to a group run within the students of the school called The Tribe. As it turns out, The Tribe is an organised crime group that specialises in robbery and even prostitution, among other things. He treads down a dangerous road when he falls for one of the concubines assigned to him. Filled with dangerous and perverse people, The Tribe will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Not many negatives can be pointed out in this feature. Sometimes the sign language may be a little tough to read for viewers until the next action sequence takes place, and many people may wish for subtitles to help them understand fully what is going on in certain scenes.

WARNING: Nudity Included in the Trailer

On the flip side, there is an abundance of positives. The camera work is fantastic; going from claustrophobic environments, such as a tiny room, to a tight corridor, and then to big open spaces, such as the nearly empty school yard, the cinematographer and director really show they know how to make the audience feel uneasy in both scenarios. Many might expect the acting to be bland from a bunch of deaf actors not common in the movie world, but that's not the case here. Actions speak louder than words; these kids got the timing right and the body motions are very well co-ordinated. They all pull their weight and it proves to be phenomenal. Atmosphere is everything in a movie, and the atmosphere purveyed here is one of dread and dreariness. Story-wise, it's pretty straightforward, with a few elements reminiscent of Rob Cohen's movie, The Skulls, in the form of the secret organisation and the fact that it commits a lot of heinous crimes, for instance. Other than that, the spectacle at hand is a "kind of" coming of age romance tale, with some disturbing and heartbreaking sequences, and a fantastic ending that brings everything full circle.
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Rated 10 out of 10

Masterpiece - Platinum Award

Rated 10 out of 10
The Tribe set forth to be unique, and that is most certainly what it is, with its cast of deaf actors and no dialogue. Although the story is straightforward and pretty simple, the acting and effort put forth by these kids is unforgettable. This is definitely not a film to watch with the family, however, as there are quite a few scenes with exposed genitalia and sexuality. All-in-all, though, Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy has truly crafted a modern cinematic masterpiece.

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