Event Review | Editors at Manchester Academy (MusiCube)

By Adam Riley 28.10.2015

Back at the University of Manchester, around a decade or so ago, there was one particular song that really got the adrenaline pumping when dancing around in the Cellar Bar downstairs in the Students' Union, part of the Academy. The song? Bullets by a fresh band called Editors. Fast-forward to 2015 and Editors just polished off the Manchester leg of its latest tour to promote the new album, In Dream, and where did the band play? Manchester Academy… Time to see if those fond memories are now just rose-tinted.

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The first thing noticed about the audience was that this was no longer filled with teens as it was back in the early days when Editors toured, showing that either the band is drawing in an older generation nowadays with its heavier-tinged compositions, or that there are many loyal fans out there that have been around right from the start… or perhaps a mix of both! Whatever the case, there were no concerns about a lack of energy, or about the latest album's offerings not fitting into the set, as after the teasingly slow introductory song to ease people in, it all kicked off and for the next 1 hour 45 minutes it was non-stop pure, adulterated fun.

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Being a member of the Press can be limiting at times, with the expectation to just watch quietly and take photos. This was not to be one of those concerts, though, certainly not when the music was so thoroughly breathtaking - not a chance! It turned into nearly two hours of constant jumping, fist pumping, and singing along to the point of getting a sore throat by the end of the night. Editors has a wide array of classics in its back catalogue, but the quality of the songs is heightened when unleashed on stage, and the new songs are just as memorable as past hits - Ocean of Night, the recent single Life is a Fear, and the foot-stomping duo of Forgiveness and Salvation being just a handful superb examples of the epic nature of the fresh compositions.

Not only are the songs of a continued high calibre, but Tom Smith's voice just seem to get better and better as the years go by, and he has to be commended for his ability to translate the clarity and power of studio vocals to the stage without losing even one drop of the richness, whilst entertaining the masses by marching around the stage with a commanding presence, interacting with the band's adoring supporters.

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Going from strength to strength over the years, Editors certainly has not lost its edge, with a fantastic new album in the form of In Dream, and a concert that belies the band's age, with everything feeling as fresh and amazing as when the group debuted, only now with a much wider repertoire of hits. Never was there a dull moment through the entire show, and going home with a sore throat (from singing) and numb legs (from bouncing/jumping) is sheer testament to the spectacular quality of the showcase. Amazing music, fantastic stage presence, stunning performances from the whole band - long live Editors. Another decade of greatness? Here's hoping!

Be sure to pick up In Dream over on iTunes, and keep an eye on the official Editors website for other upcoming tour information.

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