Event Review | Time to Go Heldeep into The Warehouse Project (MusiCube)

By Adam Riley 29.10.2015

After a quick preview, the Heldeep night at this year's The Warehouse Project came around quicker than expected, and was not a letdown in any sense. Having the venue as under Store Street again - despite it only meant to be a one-off thing last year after being at Victoria Warehouse the year prior - was a wonderful surprise, since it was so highly praised last year when the MusiCube team of Adam Riley and Marcus Myers attended the slew of special DJ nights.

This year's first foray into the depths of the underground was for Oliver Heldens' new showcase, Heldeep, and it was a treat for EDM fans out there looking for some good old fashioned dance mixes and trance tunes, throwing together classic hits in an ear-catching fashion. The whole set was indeed spectacular and left people totally breathless from all the non-stop jiving around.

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With Groove Armada, Benoit & Sergio, Duke Dumont, Jamie XX and even "WHP Presents…Underground Sound Suicide," there has been plenty on offer for long-term and newer fans alike. The build up in Room 1 may have been a little bit lacklustre at times through the night, but that was where Room 2 came to its rescue, again bringing the trance beats before Room 1 went absolutely crazy as Oliver Heldens too his expertise and bestowed it upon the throngs.

Running from 9:00pm until 4:00am, it was the ideal way to dive back into The Warehouse Project, and a wonderful form of exercise for those bouncing around all night! Full event details can be found here, details of the various Afterlife parties for those that want to keep on trucking are right here, and the official website for The Warehouse Project is…yes, guessed it correctly…at this very link.

Next up is the Skrillex event in the first week of November, so the pace is not set to die down anytime soon!

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