Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam to Help Newbies

By Jorge Ba-oh 30.10.2015 1

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam to Help Newbies on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Taking on a Mario and Luigi game can be a challenge, but Nintendo are adding optional modes for noobies.

By default Paper Jam (for Nintendo 3DS) will serve up a challenge for those more familiar with how it works, however for first-timers there'll be two different modes to make a little easier:

  • Easy Mode, as the name suggests, will help make things a little bit less daunting - by increasing character strength to raise odds in battle.

  • The Assist Mode, however, simply shows which enemies are on the firing line in battle.


Do you think more studios should introduce modes aimed at newcomers?

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legend of the seven stars was tooooooooooooo long ago :\

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