Event Preview | Skrillex Set to Headline The Warehouse Project 2015 (MusiCube)

By Adam Riley 05.11.2015

Recently the MusiCube team shot over the The Warehouse Project to check on Oliver Heldens' superb night, Heldeep, but this Friday (6th November) it is another big name star headlining Manchester's hottest DJ event - none other than the world famous star, Skrillex, complete with a whole host of exciting other acts during the night.

Want to know what to expect from Skrillex and company? Check out some of these videos for a little taster:



Running from 9:00pm until 4:00am, it is the ideal way to start off the weekend! Full details of this The Warehouse Project event can be found here, details of the Afterlife party for those that want to keep on trucking are right here, and the official website for The Warehouse Project is…yes, guessed it correctly…at this very link.

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