Nintendo Sunk Internal Wave Race Wii Pitch

By Jorge Ba-oh 08.11.2015 6

Nintendo Sunk Internal Wave Race Wii Pitch on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Tamaki, who writes for Unseen64, has been delving into a Wave Race sequel that sunk before it even really began.

Liam Robertson, who goes by the name Tamaki, is a researcher who has contributed towards finding canned and unfinished projects, with his latest dig being what could have been a new Wave Race project for Nintendo Wii.

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In a video documentary, Robertson discusses plans by one of Nintendo's teams into creating a Wave Race title that would take advantage of the Wii Remote back in 2009. However, even with a prototype devised, Nintendo execs shut down the title over concerns over both controls and finding a sizable audience.


Should Nintendo resurrect WaveRace / perhaps even as a smaller digital release?

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Yes, as a standalone game
Yes, but as part of a sports package
Yes, as a smaller digital release

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Would love to see a new Wave Race, 1080 and Pilotwings. I used to love it when Nintendo stepped out their comfort zone and made these types of games and they were really good!

Marzy said:
Would love to see a new Wave Race, 1080 and Pilotwings. I used to love it when Nintendo stepped out their comfort zone and made these types of games and they were really good!

^^^ This! So much this! Loved these back in the day. We need sequels to all three plus a new Excitebike, too! Smilie

Chance favors the prepared mind.
Guest 10.11.2015#3

Dammit! Why did Project Hammer have to f-things up so badly. I was actually really happy with NST at the time. BlueStorm was great, while I enjoyed Waverace64 I blown away by Blue Storm at the time.

Avalanche was so-so, I was disappointed in how short most of the runs were, but the game played ok.

Metroid Prime Hunters (despite it not being true to the series) was also a nifty game on the DS and really showed off what it could do.

Unfortunately i don't see a new Waverace, 1080, Pilotwings for a while. I just reckon that all of these things are just going to be wrapped into the Mii related games (e.g Wii sports resort, Nintendo Land and it's most probably successor)

I'd love to see a new Wave Race game, but one more like the original than the 360* GameCube game. The original Wave Race had a more arcadey feel than the follow up.

It would make for a great multiplayer online game too. The waves would add some chaos to the race that could help to even the playing field for players.

( Edited 19.02.2016 17:41 by Trepe )

Our member of the week

Maybe the reason they haven't brought it back is specifically because of how important waves are in this game, and people would expect online from a new game? Cause Waves have to be the same for all players being connected otherwise it's unfair, and it may be a difficult thing to keep track of over the whole map of a stage, to keep track of the height, speed and location of every wave and distribute the data to all players being connected?

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

That's what I'm saying. It'll be another good online game to bring out. As for waves, normal waves would have to be the same, but they could have fun creating a wake or splash or other things like that. A bit like how Mario Kart uses items Wave Race could use water. That's what I mean. I think it's ideal for a multiplayer online arcade kind of game. 

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