Final Fantasy's Cloud Enters Smash Bros Ring

By Jorge Ba-oh 12.11.2015 9

Final Fantasy

With his trademark Buster Sword, Cloud from Final Fantasy VII will join the Super Smash Bros. roster.

In a surprise announcement during tonight's Nintendo Direct, the much requested star of the PlayStation classic was confirmed as upcoming DLC, together with an action packed stage based on Midgar.

A special broadcast for the game will be released in December, too, Nintendo confirmed.

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Are you a fan of Cloud's inclusion into the Super Smash Bros. world?

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This came out of nowhere and I couldn't be happier. Not because I like Cloud all that much, but it's really refreshing to see such a completely unexpected announcement made without a single leak.

Incredible announcement. The best thing is how true to his original design he is. It's one of those dreams that I had as a kid playing Melee, but you never seriously think would ever happen for obvious reasons. Anything seems possible in gaming these days, but it's still surreal.

I thought the opening was FFVIIR being revealed for NX, so that was a cheeky way to open the trailer, but I forgive them lol.

I think and hope they'll do some other FFVII characters as outfits for kicks. Tifa for Fighter, Barret for Gunner, perhaps Sephiroth for Swordsman... They would all fit perfectly and seem the most obvious.

This will be the first Smash DLC I buy. How much do these character packs run for?

Azuardo said:
Incredible announcement. The best thing is how true to his original design he is.

This is something I have to give the Smash team a ton of credit for. They really stick to the source material in as many ways as possible. They also did an absolutely fantastic job bringing Mega Man into Smash, by treating him with far more respect than Capcom itself has in ages.

Yeah, Ryu was pretty great, too.

Guest 12.11.2015#5

The most exciting announcement i've seen in years. As soon as that music started, i was bouncing up and down on the sofa.

I was pretty much like, "Fuck, fuck. What the. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. OMG. Fuck"

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

I also have to commend them for keeping this one under wraps, kudos for keeping this one spoiler free. 

But £5.39 for Character and stage makes my wallet weep. Let alone if you want it on both Wii u and 3DS! 

that is NOT solid snake!



Not gonna lie, my jaw hit the floor when that music started playing. 'FF7? I thought there'd be a Smash trailer? That blade-swipe-logo bit didn't play...wait a fuckin minute...'

then my reaction was pretty much the same as this guy's;



Just...just holy Shit guys. You'd better believe I'm preordering the absolute crap out of his amiibo.

( Edited 15.11.2015 20:02 by Phoenom )

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