Monster Hunter X Focuses on New Monsters

By Jorge Ba-oh 23.11.2015

Monster Hunter X Focuses on New Monsters on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Monster Hunter X will be introducing a new generation of monsters, Capcom have confirmed.

More recent entries in the popular adventure series have introduced the concept of "subspecies", where these ferocious beasts are simply re-coloured and given a heap of different characteristics. However, Capcom want to step away from the re-colouring and introduce brand new monsters in the upcoming 3DS game.

Speaking to Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream, the studio noted how Monster Hunter X will ditch subspecies and focus on making the game feel more varied.


It's not long to go before the game roars onto shelves in Japan, with a release date set for 26th November 2015 - the end of this week.

What's your favourite monster to battle in past Monster Hunter games?

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