NES Creator Believes Nintendo are "like indies"

By Jorge Ba-oh 24.11.2015

NES Creator Believes Nintendo are "like indies" on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The chap who designed the original NES console feels that Nintendo has always been driven by individuals.

In a GamesIndustry piece that outlines Masayuki Uemura thought's on Nintendo's consistent need to innovate, he feels how the industry has been steered by "indies because the idea of the individual has been quite crucial in making great games." As technology advances, Uemura believes that "the one thing you could [leverage] is the individual powerful resource."

With that in mind, he feels Nintendo "are like indies," using the Wii as a prime example of a "paradigm shift where all the rules change, where the status quo changes, by coming up with new ideas."

Do you agree with Uemura's comments?

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