Introducing Shakedown Hawaii, the Sequel to Retro City Rampage

By Jorge Ba-oh 24.11.2015

Introducing Shakedown Hawaii, the Sequel to Retro City Rampage on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The world of Retro City Rampage advances in a new sequel announced today from Vblank.

Known as Shakedown Hawaii, the game is on track for various platforms - including, Steam, Sony PS4, PS Vita and Nintendo consoles, the studio teased in a striking, retro-fueled trailer.

Image for Introducing Shakedown Hawaii, the Sequel to Retro City Rampage

Vblank found success with Retro City Rampage, an open-world classic action game that drew heavily influence from games like Grand Theft Auto and Driver, where players explore a city to complete a variety of missions. The new follow-up game takes the concept into the 16-bit era, thirty years after the original.

We follow The Player as he comes out of retirement to rebuild his corporate empire, one bullet, rocket and flame after another.

Shakedown Hawaii is set to make its playable debut at the PlayStation Experience next month.


Will you step into the driver's seat with Shakedown Hawaii?

Box art for Shakedown Hawaii








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