You Can Now Buy Standalone Wii U GamePads

By Jorge Ba-oh 24.11.2015 2

Nintendo have started to sell standalone GamePad controllers over in Japan today.

It's been three years since Nintendo launched the Wii U, and one of the key features that the House of Mario were keen to implement was the option to have games that support more than one GamePad controller.

It seems increasingly unlikely that these ideas would come to fruition on Wii U in the near future, but owners of the console are able to purchase a new GamePad if, perhaps, the existing one is damaged to save on repair costs, or Bowser broke in and nicked it.

As spotted by Cheesemeister on Twitter, the controller costs 13,824 Yen (£74/$112/€105) and is region locked to Japan.

Should Nintendo consider releasing dual-GamePad software, or shelve the idea for the future?

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Damn you, Bowser!

I don't think it would be worth it now to release dual-gamepad games. For one, the Wii U is coming to the end of it's life and also, games would take a massive hit in visuals and framerate. I really don't see the point of it.

It's good that we can at least buy new ones though. I would imagine there's quite a few people who have broken their gamepad and need a new one to even access the basic system features/settings.

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