Will amiibo be Under Your Christmas Tree?

By Jorge Ba-oh 24.11.2015 3

Will amiibo be Under Your Christmas Tree? on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

amiibo characters come to life this holiday season as Nintendo are promoting a wide range of games to use the figures.

It'll be the second year that amiibo figurines sit boxed up under Christmas trees, and there have been a wide range of new characters and games released over the last year - including Yoshi's Woolly World, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and Super Mario Maker, together with special amiibo cards.


What amiibo do you have in your collection?

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No...but only because I already own all the released ones and there are no new ones coming out before Christmas

My friend got me the Chibi Robo Amiibo as an Xmas present. :3

Don't plan on getting any more though.

terence (guest) 25.11.2015#3

Got my daughter a great big giant yarn Yoshi and Wooly World .He looks amazing. Very tempted to keep him myself.....

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