Event Preview | WHP15: Hudson Mohawke & Jungle (MusiCube)

By Adam Riley 07.12.2015

The MusiCube team has witnessed some amazing shows come and go over the past few months, with Annie Mac, New Order and Skrillex rocking the fantastic Store Street venue, under Piccadilly Station in Manchester. However, there is even more greatness set to come, starting this week with Hudson Mohawke, and with Jungle coming the following weekend.

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Hudson Mohawke has been keeping himself extremely busy lately, beavering away on his second studio album, Lantern, which released in 2015, but that does not mean the Scotsman has rested on his laurels - oh no! Instead, he has gathered together a fantastic selection of DJs from around the world, especially for The Warehouse Project 2015, and the culmination of his efforts will be witnessed on Friday, 11th December, with visionaries from London, New York, Manchester, and Glasgow - Mohawke's hometown. Expect the likes of Mark Ronson, Novelist, Spencer, Benji B, Piu Piu, James Pants and many other talents.

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As if that was not enough to whet the palette, the following week, on Friday, 18th December, it is Jungle night, kicking off from 8:00pm and carrying on right the way through to 4:00am. Jungle is one of those acts that cannot easily be squeezed into one particular genre, which really ups the appeal and has turned the group into one of the most fascinating new acts to emerge in recent years. Not only will Jungle be ripping it up, live on the night, but the likes of LA Priest, Nao, John Talabot and Koreless will be in tow. This is one jungle that nobody will want to get out of!

For more information on The Warehouse Project in general, be sure to head over to the official website, and those quick off the mark can still grab the last few tickets to the "Curated by Hudson Mohawke" and "Curated by Jungle" nights.

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