Minecraft Wii U Has Full Multiplayer Features

By Jorge Ba-oh 08.12.2015

Minecraft Wii U Has Full Multiplayer Features on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Minecraft: Wii U Edition won't lack the multiplayer features from other versions, publisher Microsoft has confirmed.

Announced this week, Minecraft: Wii U Edition is in development for Nintendo's console for a release later this month. One of things that makes Minecraft so appealing has to be the crafting element to the game, with multiplayer antics keeping the action flowing.

The game will boast the same features as the versions, with four player spit-screen locally and up to eight-person adventuring online. The news may seem like a non-event given it does support the standard multiplayer functionality, however Wii U games have been known to lack certain core modes in the past.

Minecraft: Wii U Version is out on 17th December on the Wii U eShop, complete with six add-on packs for the asking price!

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