Super Mario Bros. 3 Was Once Demoed for PC

By Jorge Ba-oh 15.12.2015 1

Super Mario Bros. 3 Was Once Demoed for PC on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Game designer John Romero revealed an intriguing look at Super Mario Bros. 3 for PC this week.

Whilst Romero was working at iD Software (at time known as IFD), the team penned a demo of Super Mario Bros. 3 for Nintendo, with the game actually running on PC. As a proof of concept, the project was completed in September 1990, but was ultimately shot down by Nintendo with a desire to keep Mario on the company's own hardware.

The video is the first time the project has been shown publicly, too.


Do you think Nintendo should have tried to  release Mario games on PC?

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I don't blame Nintendo for passing this up. It doesn't look very good... Just a dumpy little fat man with weird jump physics going through SMB3 levels. The Help Screen suggests things are still in the early stages, but I wouldn't have wanted to show this to Nintendo--the quality difference between this and SMB3 on NES is too great.

It reminds of the PC ports that Mega Man got, too. They were released in very basic forms, and Nintendo might have been worried that SMB3 would get the same sloppy treatment. And the video with the article suggests they had good reason to be worried. A quality SMB3 on PC would have been great, though it wouldn't have made a difference to me then. Smilie

It's not even fair to call the Mega Man games "ports." I'm not sure what they would be called, but MM3 has entirely different bosses, like Bit Man and Wave Man. No background music, either. And you've just GOTTA love that sound effect for shooting...

( Edited 17.12.2015 02:22 by Anema86 )

Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?

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