Event Review | WHP15: Hudson Mohawke and Mark Ronson

By Adam Riley 15.12.2015

2015's The Warehouse Project season has seen some stunning showcases, with amazing talent over the past few months like New Order, Annie Mac, Skrillex, and Oliver Heldens getting the Store Street venue, under Piccadilly Station in Manchester, bouncing on a regular basis. Last week saw Hudson Mohawke headlining, with Mark Ronson also in tow, and what a night it was!
Image for Event Review | WHP15: Hudson Mohawke and Mark Ronson

There was somewhat of a hip-hop flavour to the smaller Room Two in the old arches, which was an odd choice, but thankfully there was enough regular dance in Room One, and back in Two later in the night, to ensure the vibe was not completely lost. It was all just warm up for the amazing Hudson Mohawke, though, who left attendees breathless after much jumping and dancing around.

Image for Event Review | WHP15: Hudson Mohawke and Mark Ronson
Mohawke's much acclaimed second studio album came out this year - Lantern - and he was keen to show why his music and style are appreciated by dedicated fans so much. Without a doubt, the Scotsman was on fine form, whipping the crowd into a frenzy, and lifting what was already a great atmosphere to another level. With Mark Ronson being the icing on the cake, especially when Uptown Funk came on and people went absolutely nuts, it was indeed another rousing success for the already highly praised Warehouse Project team. Roll on Jungle on 18th December!
Image for Event Review | WHP15: Hudson Mohawke and Mark Ronson
For more information about The Warehouse Project, be sure to head over to the official website, and those wanting to see what the line-up is for the upcoming event the MusiCube team is attending, can find more details here: "Curated by Jungle".

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