Enter the Piranha Pit in Splatoon Today

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.12.2015 1

Enter the Piranha Pit in Splatoon Today on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Leap into a challenging construction site in a new DLC stage, Piranha Pit, for Splatoon!

Nintendo let loose a brand new stage earlier today, a multi-layered arena that's surrounded by water, treadmills and idle workers that watch the action from the sidelines. Be sure to pop onto the game's Turf Wars mode today to catch the stage in action, as it'll be thrown into the standard rotation set later on.

The level was announced as part of two new stages for Splatoon, which will likely form part of the remaining free DLC content for the game - which is set to end in January 2016.


Have you tried out Piranha Pit yet?

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I go to try this level for the first time last night in Splat Zones. It proved to be quite a challenging arena for Splat Zones with its compact nature. Really looking forward to playing Tower Control and Rainmaker on it soon.

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