OpenCritic Rolls Out Individual Critic Pages

By Az Elias 07.01.2016 2

OpenCritic Rolls Out Individual Critic Pages on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

OpenCritic, the newest online game review aggregator, has introduced individual critic pages to its expanding list of features.

Following on from the individual publication pages that went live recently (see Cubed3's page here), users can now check out pages for the actual reviewers themselves, which displays all of the reviews of that person, as well as other details, including that critic's average score, game recommendation percentage, and how many points higher or lower they score games compared to the average.

Simply click the name of the reviewer of any publication's review extract to be taken to their critic page to view more of their content and stats.

Image for OpenCritic Rolls Out Individual Critic Pages

Image for OpenCritic Rolls Out Individual Critic Pages

Individual reviewers are often overlooked in favour of the publication itself, so OpenCritic hopes to close that gap, allowing users to better understand verdicts and opinions of game reviews with this new feature.

In time, users of the site will be able to save personal publications to their account, follow their favourite critics and submit their own reviews. This comes with the news that Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita games will also be added to the site, joining PC, Wii U, Xbox One and PS4.

Continued new features are planned throughout 2016.

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I'm really glad for this. Aside from a few loud personalities, game reviewers are definitely overlooked, but I'm really more excited as a consumer. Anything that promotes openness and transparency is a great thing in my book.

Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?

Adding 3DS and Vita games is really good news, too. My number of reviews should go up a little bit then lol.

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