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By Lee Sanders 25.07.2004 1

Activision Brings More Comic Heroes...
...Can They Surpass Spiderman, Though?

Believe it or not, back in the summer of 2001 Activision acquired the exclusive rights to produce games on The Fantastic Four and Iron Man from Marvel Comics. The thought of being able to control these four ultimate superhero's was amazing to think of, and we were all very excited. But since then there hasn't been more revealed on the subject. However, this weekend, during the current Comic-Con event, people were suprised as they witnessed what appeared to be a teaser trailer for the game.

The trailer itself, which followed the Spider-Man 2 commerical, was not allowed to be photographed; no information from the staff was given and the video showed no gameplay footage whatsoever. What was showed, though, was a series of words that burned, turned invisible, stretched and turned to rock, signifying the powers of the four characters in the superhero team (The Human Torch, The Invisible Women, Mr. Fantastic, and The Thing, for those not in the know). The trailer did however finish with the words "Summer 2005", which looks set to be a simultaneous release with the up-and-coming Fantastic Four movie, and after the success this summer with Spider-Man 2 games as well as the movie sequel, we can only hope it follows in the web slingers footsteps.


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