Linkle Faces Moblins in Fresh Hyrule Warriors Legends Footage

By Jorge Ba-oh 14.01.2016 1

Linkle Faces Moblins in Fresh Hyrule Warriors Legends Footage on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Here's a fresh look at Hyrule Warriors Legends, as played on Japanese website Denjin Getcha.

During the live stream session, the game's producers showcased the different overworld designs with new hero Linkle at the helm. She runs through a whole army of those trident wielding red Moblins from The WInd Waker, joined by Toon Link. Later in the footage, Young Link (of Majora's Mask fame) ditches falling moons and Milk Bars to save fairies from dodgy lizards.


Will you slash, slash and slash away in Hyrule Warriors Legends?

Box art for Hyrule Warriors Legends

Omega Force







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The game has Lana, it's an instant buy.

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