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By Karn Spydar Lee Bianco 26.07.2004 1

Combining every Nintendo system you love...
To form the ultimate in videogame entertainment

The NEC (Nintendo Entertainment Console) was designed and built by Logan West, member of a fanatical gaming group know as The Elite. The console contains a working and full playable NES, SNES, N64, GameBoy and GameCube, Logan took a large risk and dissected all his faithful Nintendo consoles to do this. Wiring them all to a central unit, and then decorating it with a beautiful wood cover, has resulted in this:

Image for Hardware | Nintendo Entertainment Console

He then sent it off to Nintendo of America who apparently described the contraption as "very neat" although they had worries about the laser in the GameCube causing eye problems if opened while playing, ignoring that though, this will surely become the dreamof every Nintendo fan out there. Saving space and looking excellet, what more could you want? We know your watching Nintendo, so release this now, you won't regret it!

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