INSiGHT | MyM Magazine: Issue 46 (Review)

By Drew Hurley 31.01.2016

INSiGHT | MyM Magazine: Issue 46 (Review) on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

This first issue of MyM Magazine in 2016 brings with it plenty to fill these dreary winter days. Although there is none of the usual event coverage in this issue, there are still plenty of fantastic articles, exclusive interviews and tons of previews and reviews to enjoy.

Asian music fans will be happy to see there are lots of exclusive interviews in this edition. Ryo:suke discusses his new solo Visual Kei project, WingWorks, as he makes his first UK visit. Ryo:Suke isn't the only Visual Kei artist heading to the UK, though, as Lacroix Despheres also is on-hand for an exclusive interview, talking about its Rock Opera style shows, history, and influences. Finally, the insanely marvellous pairing of a cross-dressing Australian professional wrestler and a pair of Japanese schoolgirl models in Ladybaby. Following in the footsteps of the massively popular Babymetal, the group combines Kawaii pop tunes with some metal stylings and gives MyM an exclusive interview about the group's music.

On the gaming front, VR gaming is finally going to hit in a big, big way in 2016, with each of the major contenders finally bringing their tech to the market. MyM looks at the three biggest names - the Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and the HTC Vive, to compare and contrast what each is bringing to the table.

Another big anniversary arrives in 2016, with Ultraman celebrating its 50th year, and MyM looks back at its storied history. Ultraman is a superhero that has a gathered a cult following outside of Japan but has trouble hitting the mainstream, so this article will hopefully help introduce the character to a new audience.

The reviews sections has got some great titles this month, too: on the anime front Anime Limited is again bringing some of the greatest of Japanese animation with Gankutsuou, there's also One Piece Collection 12, which reaches the conclusion of one of the best arcs of the series, Water 7, and MVM bringing out some great series like OreImo and Hidamari Sketch. There are plenty of manga, comic, movie and game reviews this month, too, with some real highlights, like the much-anticipated new entry in the The Legend of Heroes series, Trails of Cold Steel, for the RPG gamers out there.

There's all of this, along with plenty more articles, and so much more! Issue 46 of MyM Magazine is available to buy now from all good retailers.

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