Talking Pictures Podcast: Episode 36 (Lights, Camera, Action!)

By Freda Cooper 13.02.2016

Image for Talking Pictures Podcast: Episode 36 (Lights, Camera, Action!)
Who will win at the BAFTAs on Sunday night? The new edition of Talking Pictures, the audio version of Lights, Camera, Action!, dusts off its crystal ball and predicts who is going to walk away with one of those gorgeous gold masks, and it's expecting one particular film to do especially well.

Among the week's new releases, Cubed3's resident film critic, Freda Cooper, takes a look at Spandex-clad Deadpool, post-apocalyptic British thriller, The Survivalist, and emotional drama A Bigger Splash, set under the Sicilian sun. One of that film's stars, Ralph Fiennes, takes up the hot seat in The Big Interview to talk about the film. On DVD, there's Ridley Scott's BAFTA nominated The Martian, and social satire The Lobster, alongside the new Top Five at the British Box Office, which contains a surprise new number one.

The essential guide to the movies is packed into exactly 20 minutes and is on iTunes, TuneIn, and right here on Cubed3:

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