Movie Feature | BAFTA Awards 2016 Winners (Lights, Camera, Action!)

By Freda Cooper 14.02.2016

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This year's BAFTA red carpet was literally the coolest place in London, and it was just as chilly inside for anybody associated with one of the films with the most nominations.

Todd Haynes' critically acclaimed Carol was nominated in nine categories, as was Bridge of Spies. Spielberg's Cold War thriller walked off with one trophy - Mark Rylance won Supporting Actor. Carol was empty handed, and it doesn't bode well for the Oscars in just two weeks' time.

The Revenant was the film feeling the Valentine's love in the Royal Opera House, topping the leader board with five wins. It took three of the top awards - Film, Director, and Leading Actor - as well as Cinematography and Sound. None of them came as a surprise.

The four awards that went the way of Mad Max: Fury Road, though, were more unexpected. Winning Costume, Production Design, Hair and Make Up, and Editing put it in second place behind The Revenant. Clearly it was a popular film with BAFTA voters, yet it hadn't been nominated in for either Best Film or Best Director. Strange.

Image for Movie Feature | BAFTA Awards 2016 Winners (Lights, Camera, Action!)

Just one other film managed to take home more than one trophy and that was Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which bagged two; Visual Special Effects came courtesy of BAFTA, but it was the British public who voted for John Boyega as the EE Rising Star.

Among the other major awards, Brie Larson was named Leading Actress for Room, with Kate Winslet as Supporting Actress for Steve Jobs. Spotlight took Original Screenplay, while Adapted Screenplay went to The Big Short and Animation went to Disney's Inside Out, with Outstanding British Film went to Brooklyn.

How did Lights, Camera, Action's crystal ball get on? All that dusting and polishing paid off, because it only slipped up in one category and that was Supporting Actor. Nearly a full house, then!

The full list of winners can be found here.

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