DVD Movie Review | Arrowhead (Lights, Camera, Action!)

By Sam Edwards 28.02.2016

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Arrowhead (UK Rating: 15)

The sci-fi film genre has been in a steady decline over the past decade, with very few interesting features to actually capture the amazing stories that were once told in decades past. Will this motion picture revitalise and ultimately bring something fresh to the table, or will it just be the same stale sci-fi thriller seen time and time again? Out now on home video from Metrodome Group, Arrowhead is a science fiction feature that fans of the genre will have to see for themselves.

Image for DVD Movie Review | Arrowhead (Lights, Camera, Action!)

Survival has never gotten this personal. Enter Kye (Dan Mor, Killing Jesus), a prisoner of war, rescued and sent on a mission for redemption with information regarding another prisoner who is soon to be executed. He soon realises this information is useless, because he and the rest of the crew onboard the Arrowhead have crash-landed on a vast desert moon. Survival is key, but Kye soon discovers that the secrets this planet holds may very well threaten his mind and body.

Right from the beginning, the audience is thrust into a matter of life or death, witnessing Kye's attempt to escape. Soon after, they witness what is the most boring and painful 25 minutes to endure until the film once again becomes interesting. Atmosphere is great, at times making viewers feel the loneliness Kye feels on this isolated hunk of rock. Pacing is, at times, sluggish and at other times moves so fast that onlookers may miss something important (or nothing at all…). Acting can be bland and generic, and at other times great; the best acting consistently coming from a computer called REEF (played by Shaun Micallef). The plot is fairly straightforward to an extent, and somehow never fails to grasp the attention of its spectators. The most outstanding part of this feature, though, is the amazing score; it's very reminiscent of music from the videogame franchise Mass Effect. Arrowhead strives to be unique, and fairly unique it is, and maybe that's what makes this more enjoyable than it should be.

Rated 6 out of 10


The isolation is real; the score phenomenal, the story somewhat unique but the bland acting through most of the feature (aside for the computer) and pacing inconsistencies are what drag this movie down. Perhaps director and writer Jesse O'Brien should have shot for a shorter feature with less dialogue and not such an explosive opening. However, for his first attempt at a full length feature it isn't bad. It's worth a watch and may bring some members of the audience enjoyment from this fairly original addition to the sci-fi genre.

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