Talking Pictures Podcast: Episode 40 (Lights, Camera, Action!)

By Freda Cooper 13.03.2016

Talking Pictures Podcast: Episode 40 (Lights, Camera, Action!) on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion
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If the line-up on this week's Talking Pictures is anything to go by, March is now the Sequel Season, even if it is unofficial. Tris, Four, and the rest of the teenagers from post-dystopian Chicago arrive for The Divergent Series: Allegiant, the third in the series. Over in ancient China, cuddly dumpling-loving panda, Po, returns for more adventures in Kung Fu Panda 3. On a smaller scale, the other new release this week is chilling Swedish drama, The Here After, and Cubed3's resident film critic, Freda Cooper, puts them all in the spotlight in the essential guide to the movies.

On DVD, The Lady in the Van arrives on Alan Bennett's driveway and she is, of course, played by Maggie Smith, and John Travolta gets involved in Criminal Activities.

All that, plus the new Top Five at the British Box Office - including a new number one! - and the week's movie news are packed into just 20 minutes. It's on iTunes, TuneIn and right here on Cubed3:

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