INSiGHT | MyM Magazine: Issue 49 (Review)

By Drew Hurley 24.04.2016

INSiGHT | MyM Magazine: Issue 49 (Review) on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

With the month of April, there's one big release everyone is going crazy for - the latest and biggest MCU movie, Captain America: Civil War. This is going to be huge and MyM has an exclusive interview with the two stars of the movie, actors who are very much personifications of the characters they play: Chris Evans and the legendary Robert Downey Jr.

This issue's event coverage includes MCM Liverpool and Birmingham, showcasing some of the best cosplay from the events and including exclusive interviews with the best guests from both. The Bionic Woman herself, Lindsay Wagnar, talks about her iconic role and now about her new life as a holistic doctor, while New Zealand actor Craig Parker talks about his time on The Lord of the Rings and what it's like returning to Lord Narcisse on the hit show Reign. MCM is renowned for the best place to meet voice actors, and Liverpool and Birmingham showcased why. There are exclusives interviews with the Vas, too, including Jessica Dicicco, best known as the Flame Princess from Adventure Time, the assassin twins Evie and Jacob Frye from Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Paul Amos and Victoria Atkin, and, finally, even though he never asked for this, Elias Toufexis answers some questions, too.

The features this month explore new ways of stepping into Virtual Reality, with the MyM team taking part in a survival horror live experience called Virtually Dead, strapping on an HTC Vive and treading a thin line between reality and survival horror. There's also behind the scenes access to upcoming movie The Call Up, some big pieces based around table-top and board gaming to coincide with the national student role-playing and war-gaming championships, and there are plenty of Otaku articles, including a large feature on Toei's giant Mahou Shoujo franchise, Pretty Cure.

On the reviews front, April brings the deaths back to gaming with the long awaited release of Dark Souls III, so be sure to find out what MyM thought of this new iteration in Bandai Namco's infamously challenging series. Also, don't forget to mention the Zelda Musou spin-off getting its 3DS release in the form of Hyrule Warriors Legends, amongst other big titles.

Anime this month has some real highlights, too, with MVM delivering the latest in the superbly psychological Monogatari series, Hanamonogatari, while Manga brings the twisted sickly sweet Humanity Has Declined. Not to mention some major movie releases with DC's first step to a big screen Justice League in Batman Vs Superman. An expansive and impressive cast arrives in Disney's latest live-action adaptation, The Jungle Book, and one of the great classic horror manga gets the live-action treatment in Parasyte The Movie.

There's all of this and so much more in issue 49 of MyM Magazine, available now from all good retailers.

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