Minecraft Set for Release in China

By Jamie Mercer 21.05.2016 1

Minecraft Set for Release in China on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Minecraft is officially heading to China after striking a deal with Chinese distributor NetEase.

The deal with NetEase, which covers "pocket and PC", is necessary because strict rules in China mean foreign companies can't release their titles to the Chinese market without going through a local company.

Millions of people currently play and enjoy Minecraft but opening the game up to 1.4 billion people could be massive for Mojang and increase the popularity of the game many times over.


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I am amazed that Minecraft hasn't been released in China yet, because it is probably the biggest game in China right now.  I know people in China who don't understand "hello" in English, but they understand "Minecraft". 

Given this, I'm not overly optimistic for Chinese sales, but I'm sure the market is large enough for it to be worth their while. 

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