Niantic Spills Beans on How Pokémon GO Will Work

By Jamie Mercer 25.05.2016 2

Niantic Spills Beans on How Pokémon GO Will Work on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Pokémon GO developer Niantic has finally divulged some information on how the mobile title will work.

It's been a quiet few months since Pokémon GO was first announced, but we now know that there will be more than 100 Pokémon to hunt down and catch and that these critters will vary depending on what type of location you are in.

If you go to the beach then expect to find more water-based Pokémon to reside there, if you go into the woods you'll bump into grass types and fore fire types... Let's just hope we don't have to go clambering up volcanoes! 

While you are out and about, your phone will vibrate when a Pokémon is nearby. You can then attempt to catch the creature by aiming your screen at it and flicking a Poké Ball in its direction. From the sounds of things, you won't need to soften up the Pokémon first before capturing it as real world distractions and immediacy may mean that battling on the way to college or work just isn't feasible.

At the start of the game you'll have the chance of joining three factions with the ability to take control of gyms (which are located in real places dotted through the real world). You can help your team out by leaving your Pokémon at these locations to try and fend off any would be aggressors and protect your gym.

Battles could play out differently than they have done in the past with Quick-Time Events and lots of swiping and sliding on the phone screen possibly taking place.

Pokémon GO will be released for free on iOS and Android in the Summer and will support in-app purchases.

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Our member of the week

I believe there might be some DNA from Denpa Men in this thing. In fact come to think of it, Genius Sonority would have been an excellent fit for the task of developing this one, though I know nothing of Niantic's past antics. I like the concept on paper, but it will remain to be seen whether it works well in the facts or not. For one thing, if it requires you to be connected online at all times, which I can't imagine working if you have to explore the world outside where mobile internet doesn't necessarily reach all that well, then i'd be screwed anyway since I don't have a mobile internet subscription.

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

ive played niantics ingress on mobile and ingress uses a similar model to pokemon go. they keep saying that u will be catching pokemon in the real world and shops and gyms will be in real world locations. that maybe true but the real world map will more than likley have a made up pokemon region layed on top of it just like in ingress detatching you from the real world. if they use a real world map this will be so much better

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