BOXBOXBOY! Coming to 3DS eShop

By Lex Firth 15.06.2016

BOXBOXBOY! Coming to 3DS eShop on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo have announced a sequel to 2015's BOXBOY! during their Treehouse live segment at E3.

BOXBOXBOY! contains much of the same gameplay as last year's puzzler, which sees main character Qbby producing boxes to use as platforms, hooks, weights and more to solve puzzles, but introduces a new mechanic: Qbby can now have two sets of boxes on the screen at one time, opening the door for a wealth of new puzzle opportunities.

Players of the original BOXBOY! will be able to unlock costumes from the first game without having to spend any in-game cash, and those without the first game can pick it up on the North American eShop for a discounted price from later on today, with My Nintendo members able to access further reductions - it comes highly recommended, as we noted in our 9/10 review last year.

BOXBOXBOY! will be available in North America and Europe exclusively on 3DS eShop from 30th June.


Box art for BOXBOXBOY!

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