Nintendo Shares Up After Sharp Fall

By Jamie Mercer 26.07.2016 4

Nintendo Shares Up After Sharp Fall on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Shares in Nintendo plunged by almost 18% on Monday after the Japanese giant admitted that Pokémon Go would not hugely impact profits. Share prices picked up again today, however, rising by 1.6%.

Nintendo released a statement late on Friday to set the story straight after a record breaking day of trading on the Tokyo stock market saw share prices more than double.

The Pokémon Company is [Nintendo's] affiliated company, accounted for by using the equity method. Because of this accounting scheme, the income reflected on [Nintendo's] consolidated business results is limited.

Although Nintendo do not own The Pokémon Company, it does have a large share in the company - owning 32% of the voting power. Nintendo also have a 13% "effective share" of Niantic, the San Francisco-based developers who created the hugely successful Pokémon Go title for mobile devices.

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This games hugely successful! Quick buy shares!!!
Wait wait...that company didn't literally make sale sale!
Oh, wait again, that company owns significant amounts of the companys that did and will be surely be getting a % of the profits buy buy!!!

( Edited 26.07.2016 22:35 by Darkflame ) <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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Just curious, where did you hear that Nintendo owns 13% of Niantic? I know they invested in them,  but I've never heard the percentage. Was it in their annual report?

@Sonic_13: I didn't hear it anywhere, it says it openly on Niantic's website! The 13% figure is quoted from Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal, which in turn comes from an estimate from Macquarie Securities analyst David Gibson. 

Hmm. I'm not seeing it mentioned on the blog, but I'll look for the Bloomberg or WSJ articles. Thanks

( Edited 28.07.2016 05:21 by Sonic_13 )

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