Movie Preview | Kingslaive: Final Fantasy XV (Lights, Camera, Action!)

By Drew Hurley 18.08.2016

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Kingslaive: Final Fantasy XV (UK Rating: 12)

The latest instalment in the iconic Final Fantasy series is almost here. It's been a long, long time coming, with numerous delays and major changes along the way. With this new title comes a new innovation in the series - an animated movie, which helps set up the story of the game and give further insight into the characters and world. The movie is set alongside the opening chapters of the upcoming adventure, and looks at what's happening in Lucis while Prince Noctis begins his journey.

In advance of its digital release on 30th August, the first 12 minutes have been shown off online and boy, do they ever whet the appetite of the fans. It consists of a brief prologue narrated by Lena Headey - one of several major names taken on to provide voices - establishing the Kingdoms of Lucis and Nifleheim, along with the  Tenebrae, to show what happened when Noctis was taken to Tenebrae as a child. Then, suddenly, the action switches to 12 years later, leaping to the same period that Final Fantasy XV is set in.

This second scene throws the viewer into the middle of a frantic and phenomenal battle scene, in something that feels like Starship Troopers meets Fate/Stay Night. Fluid and dynamic, it really showcases the stylish combat design and choreography that has been wowing viewers since early footage of what was then Final Fantasy Versus XIII a decade ago…yes, back in 2006, if you can believe it! It's not only the combat that looks good, though, as there's also a glimpse of some legendary and iconic creature designs from the Final Fantasy history, with a Cerberus-style summon tearing through ranks of soldiers and then shots of what is known as "Diamond Weapon." Fans of the series will know of these "Weapon" enemies very well indeed.

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV looks like it's going to be absolutely superb and shows just how well the Final Fantasy style can transition from game to film (forget about Spirits Within!). The unique blend of modern day, futuristic, and the magical realm is a triumph of world-building. The art and animation look beautiful and the combat is amazing. This first glance at what's to come is a fantastic tease for just how good Kingsglaive could be. Stay with us here at Cubed3 where we'll eventually be covering the full movie, as well.
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