Pokémon GO Plus Releasing September 16

By Sonic_13 08.09.2016

Pokémon GO Plus Releasing September 16 on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The long awaited Pokémon GO Plus accessory is coming out on September 16 in most countries worldwide. Certain South American countries will see its release later this year.

The Pokémon GO Plus allows players to perform a number of game actions without having to pull out their phone. If a player passes by a PokéStop or if there is a nearby Pokémon, the GO Plus will vibrate and light up. Upon pressing the button, the player will either collect items from the PokéStop or throw a Pokéball at the nearby Pok​émon. Only previously caught Pokémon can potentially be caught this way. Newly encountered Pokémon will still need to be caught firsthand via your phone.

Pokémon GO has now surpassed 500 million downloads worldwide and players have walked a cumulative 4.6 billion miles.


Box art for Pokémon GO








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