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By James Temperton 24.08.2004 1

Know Thine Enemy...
...From Goombas to Nazi Soldiers!

Article by Nick Cheesman < Sharpshot :: Writer :: P/Reviewer >

A Brief History Lesson
If you have learnt about a World War, you will be fully aware of how countries summoned the use of propaganda to raise support for the war effort and enlist more people for their armies. This could have been done through patriotism but the easier route was through uniting the peoples of a country against a malevolent enemy, by showing them as monsters or doing evil deeds.

Tom Clancy Vs. North Korea
S[/b]omething you may not be fully aware of is, last month World War 3 was brought up, not through some global crisis or international argument, but through the medium of a video game. The country to blame for the war mongering is North Korea, renowned for not being the most liked country among the Americans. The game in question is

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