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By Adam Riley 25.11.2016

Gaming as everyone knows it is about to change, or so Playkey hopes, as it brings its cloud gaming service to the UK. OnLive tried something similar in the past, but failed to keep quality levels high enough to make for a relevant substitute for actually owning games. Playkey aims to change that mindset and offer a powerful solution for those with archaic PCs that cannot play the latest titles.

Eager to get that latest blockbuster release, but do not think your PC can cut the mustard? Never fear, as expensive system upgrades are now no longer required, and it is not complicated to get setup, either. Gaming has been turned on its head by the Playkey service, which provides PC gamers with the technology they need to play the hottest titles at a fraction of the cost and with no more headaches.

It all works by offering top quality video streaming through powerful gaming servers, allowing millions of PC owners across the UK to play the best-selling games on virtually any PC, Mac, or laptop. It is as simple as signing up, downloading the Playkey client software, and then jumping on in, even hooking up to your Steam account to access games already owned there.

Whether you choose to explore the many kingdoms and cities as the witcher Geralt in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, or play as the Sole Survivor in Fallout 4, there is a game to suit the tastes of both MMO and hardcore gamers. With plenty of top tier titles currently available and more being added on a regular basis, Playkey subscribers will certainly be getting more than enough bang for their buck.

Similar in terms of technology to services like Gaikai, Playkey is at the forefront of cloud gaming technology, providing players with a digital download model and a cloud PC rent to suit their gaming needs. Once registered, there are some free-to-download games to tide you over, but the main meat comes from purchasing the latest chart-topping titles and diving on in.

Subscriptions start from £0.90 for 1 hour and go to £9 for 1 month of access; Playkey is the only service that offers a solution to launch games straight after their official release on PC.

The goal of Egor Gurjev, CEO at Playkey, is to bring high-quality gaming to everyone, not just those with high-specification PCs. The gaming industry is constantly evolving and growing, and his team wants to provide gaming fans with the entertainment they love, without the worry of their technology letting them down, and it is a case of so far, so good for Playkey, with the service working smoothly across various PCs. Cubed3 will be putting the service through its paces very soon, with a look at how Skyrim: Special Edition holds up when streamed.

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