INSiGHT | MyM Magazine: Issue 56 (Review)

By Drew Hurley 03.12.2016

INSiGHT | MyM Magazine: Issue 56 (Review) on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

With the huge MCM Comic Con recently wrapping up, the latest MyM Magazine has plenty of news and features from the event. There are interviews with the cast and creator of the new Doctor Who spin-off, Class, all the biggest anime announcements from the big British distributors and, of course, plenty of photos of the very best cosplay from the event.

MCM London isn't the only event covered this month, as the best anime festival in the UK returns for its seventh year. The superb Scotland Loves Anime is a must attend for any anime fans in the UK and is well worth the trip to Scotland. The phenomenal Your Name was the star of the show, but there were plenty of other excellent films to enjoy and MyM was on hand to give the rundown on them all, not to mention being lucky enough to speak with the master Makoto Shinkai himself.

Disney's next original animated feature, Moana, promises to make waves when it hits later this year, and it's certainly already made a splash in this month's issue, getting the coveted cover feature, and there's even an interview with Disney veterans Musker and Ron Clements to give an insight into what will make this one special.

With Christmas right around the corner, MyM helps to keep everyone happy with a guide into fantastic gifts and where to find them. Rebels to Imperials, Otaku to Lolitas - there's something for everyone and for every budget in this geeky gift guide.

There are a mammoth amount of reviews this month, as well, including some big titles. In advance of the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV next month, PlayStation owners get a wholly original new Final Fantasy game in World of Final Fantasy. It's not the only JRPGs branching out into new genres, either, as Dragon Quest steps into a cubic world in Dragon Quest Builders. For the more traditional gamers out there, with plenty of time to invest Sid Meier's legendary series, there is the grand return with Civilization VI and those looking for a bit more of a fast-paced experience, Titanfall 2 drops in.

All of this, along an interview with up-and-coming Japanese Director Hirokazu Kai, a preview of the best anime to come in the new autumn season, and, of course, reviews for all the big movies, anime, comics, and manga can be found within these hallowed pages. MyM Magazine, Issue 56, is available now from all good retailers.

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