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By Az Elias 27.12.2016 2

It is sometimes easy to forget that The Legend of Zelda is actually quite rich in personalities. Although each game may not be plastered to the brim with non-playable characters in every location, the ones that are there are often designed in such a way as to stand out, whether it is through appearance or persona, or whether they play important roles in the story or simply sell items in shops. With the series now spanning over 30 years, there are a huge selection of memorable characters that have stuck with players strongly. We all have our favourites, but Cubed3 is here to narrow down who we think are 30 of the best.

Note that our favourite companions were excluded from this list, so as to offer a bit more variety. See our favourite five companions here!


The redheaded songstress, Malon, has played many a recurring role throughout the series, often as a ranch girl taking care of animals and providing Link with refreshing bottles of milk to replenish his energy. As a youngster in Ocarina of Time, Link meets Malon on multiple occasions, helping wake up her lazy father, Talon, at the Hyrule Castle grounds, and learning Epona's Song from her, which proves vital when Link returns to meet her again seven years later. Using this ocarina melody tames Epona the horse, providing him a faster means to traverse Hyrule's fields later on. Both young and adult counterparts of Malon appear in Majora's Mask's Termina, where the younger Romani tasks Link with fighting off mysterious ghosts that attempt to steal her cows at night, whilst the older Cremia rewards Link with more than he bargains for when he helps fight off troublemakers and retains her milk supplies. Inspired by Link's Awakening's Marin, Malon and her alternate versions provide the joy Link craves on his adventures, with her smiling face, happy-go-lucky and kind-hearted nature, and beautiful singing voice making it a pleasure to spend time on the farms she resides in. There are even rumours and theories abound of a possible relationship between Link and Malon—there is certainly no one more favourable than this lovely ranch girl if Link ever does settle down with someone. Fingers crossed she returns in games to come, as a ranch without Malon is no ranch at all!
- Az

  • Postman
  • Koume and Kotake
  • ???
  • Talon


A bully and rival to Link in Skyward Sword, Groose's brash behaviour earns him little plaudits in the opening sections of the game. Stealing Link's Loftwing and pinning pictures of him onto a punching bag, there seems no other reason for this egotistical character to pick on his fellow student other than jealousy over Link's close relationship with Zelda. Acting as a bit of comedy relief for the narrative, though, Groose develops plenty over the course of the adventure, as he comes to terms with his secondary role to Link saving the world, but plays an integral part in achieving that goal, creating a personalised weapon that helps keep The Imprisoned sealed away. Clearly with a heart of gold underneath his skin, Groose has earned himself many fans.
- Az

  • Princess Ruto
  • Yeto and Yeta
  • Ooccoo
  • Old Man


Everyone needs a guide in life. Someone that can help out in those tough times. Whilst some may rely on parents, siblings, or partners, poor Link has no choice but to rely on Navi in the likes of Ocarina of Time. Navi may have Link's best interests at heart, but, boy, does she become annoying, shouting 'Hey!' almost every five seconds. A bit like a SatNav constantly telling you to do a U-turn when possible, whether it's possible or not. Oh, little fairy, thanks for trying, but do please give it a rest once in a while!
- Adam

  • Guru-Guru
  • Medli
  • Makar
  • Happy Mask Salesman


The self-proclaimed princess of the insect kingdom, Agitha, has an infatuation with bugs, and upon meeting Link and mistaking him for such a creature in Twilight Princess, proceeds to tell him that the bugs of Hyrule have not turned up for the ball in her small castle, despite invitations going out. Cue Link searching and bottling male and female insects from all over the kingdom and bringing them to the cutesy Lolita for kindly money-based rewards—but quite where Agitha has gotten such tidy sums of cash and wallets from is anybody's guess. Proclaiming that stag beetles' pinchers must feel so good and wishing to bathe in the slime of snails, there is definitely a creepy side under her sweet, adorable exterior—and as her appearance in Hyrule Warriors proves, she's very handy in a fight!
- Az

  • Linebeck
  • Kafei and Anju
  • Impa
  • Igos du Ikana


First seen in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask back in 2000, the quirky chap sold Link maps in exchange for hard-earned dosh. Eiji Aonuma has been quoted as saying that Tingle spawned from a need to buy maps from someone in the adventure, and the follow-up thought of "What sort of person would sell a map?" Not just selling them, either, but actually make them. This concept then saw Tingle attached to a balloon, his means of drawing the world, flogging his crudely penned work to a wandering hero. Aonuma felt that such a character would have to be a "really weird person" and so the team went off to make a "really weird guy." Interesting point: Aonuma-san has also gone on record to say, "He's not gay. He's just an odd person." So that settles that, then.
- Adam

  • Skull Kid
  • Sheik
  • Hilda
  • Error


Just like any normal female videogame character, it seems, Tetra is first encountered in The Wind Waker under the circumstance of being kidnapped. The pirate captain and Link never quite hit it off, but she doesn't really need him as she has the respect of her crew, and hey, Link cannot even manage to rescue her sister when it comes down to the nitty-gritty. Trivia time: she happens to be part of the Princess Zelda line, and almost had her own GameCube game in the form of Tetra's Trackers, before it got added in as a mere part of Four Swords Adventures instead!
- Adam

  • Saria
  • Great Deku Tree
  • Dampé
  • Beedle

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just this version of link.
seriously- he is the best character.

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Malon forever. I hope she is back in BotW.

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