The Mushroom Kingdom Arrives in Miitomo

By Sonic_13 04.01.2017

The Mushroom Kingdom Arrives in Miitomo on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

To celebrate the release of Super Mario Run, a variety of Mushroom Kingdom themed costumes and decorations have come to Miitomo.

This is the latest in a series of Nintendo themed promotions that have previously included Splatoon, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Kirby Cafe clothing and items as well as a range of Nintendo-themed t-shirts.

To start, all users will receive Mario and Luigi suits and caps for free!

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In two special Miitomo drop stages, players can drop their Miis for a chance to win a number of Mushroom Kingdom themed items including Super Mario Run wallpaper and flooring, Toad hoods and suits, Princess Peach wigs and dresses, and Bowser hoods and suits. The various clothing items come in a number of different colors.

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In the Miitomo Shop, players can purchase Little Goomba and Little Boo buddies for 3,200 coins each or a Super Mario Run varsity jacket (in one of six colors) for 2,000 coins a pop.

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Players in need of more Miitomo Coins can take advantage of a special one-time offer to purchase 1,000 coins and receive 4,000 more for free.

Finally, by using the new messaging feature to send and receive a message between friends, players can receive a Super Mario themed wallpaper and flooring for their room.

These items disappear on January 12, 6:59 A.M. PT so grab them before they're gone!

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