Square Enix and Marvel Combine for a Superhero Team Up

By Drew Hurley 26.01.2017

Square Enix and Marvel Combine for a Superhero Team Up on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

After Marvel gave a vague hint of a big upcoming announcement today, it seems Marvel fans may at last get the quality of game rarely seen for these licences.

Entitled The Avengers Project, the trailer shows off an aftermath of some disaster for our heroes: Banner's glasses, Thor's Hammer, Cap's Shield and Tony's Arm, while a voiceover - Black Widow? - speaks of the end of heroes.


Among with the Marvel and Square Enix logos are Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal, a promising team. With Marvel now owned by Disney, could this also lead to some Marvel heroes appearing in Kingdom Hearts?

What's your favourite Marvel game and what type of game are you hoping for with this?

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