Explore the Evolution of Fire Pokémon

By Jorge Ba-oh 06.02.2017

Explore the Evolution of Fire Pokémon on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Explore the Evolution of Fire Pokémon with a limited edition shirt from UK brand, TeeChu.

Our friends at TeeChu have launched a new, limited-edition, design that celebrates who is undoubtedly the master of fire and flames: Charizard. From the adorable starter lizard, Charmander, to the fiery winged beast, this classic Pokémon is a firm favourite with fans. Charizard has been featured in a wealth of animé, manga, games and even taken a lead role in Super Smash Bros.


The video concept aims to capture the trainer's desperate struggle to tame his unruly Charizard - getting a helping hand from, yes, Professor Nutsack to soothe Charizard's roaring flame.

The Evolution of Fire shirt is available at TeeChu and includes a numbered certificate for those of you who love collecting a tee or two.

Image for Explore the Evolution of Fire Pokémon
Image for Explore the Evolution of Fire Pokémon

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