Adorable Dog Decal for Joy-Cons Successfully Backed on Kickstarter

By Lex Firth 24.02.2017 1

Adorable Dog Decal for Joy-Cons Successfully Backed on Kickstarter on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Eagle-eyed gamers may have noticed something rather peculiar about the forthcoming Nintendo Switch - particularly when the Joy-Con controllers are attached to the bundled Grip.

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A group of Nintendo fans made the observation that the controller bears a striking resemblance to a somewhat wonky dog - and immediately set about creating a decal to add to the illusion. Now, it's been successfully backed on Kickstarter and will be available worldwide.

Smashing past the minimalistic $1,000 goal - it now stands at well over $5,000 - the decal has seen so much success, the designers will be creating an online store after the campaign ends for interested parties to purchase the decal for themselves, along with other packages.

It's encouraging to see Nintendo's latest console receiving such tremendous support from customisers before it's even released - will you be picking up the twee sticker to make your Switch experience that little bit cuter?

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It's funny - I always felt the GameCube looked like a dog, as well.

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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